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PSA from International bass sensation Yves Carbonne

To truly show how our charity has grown in our short lifetime I have truly been amazed at how far we have reached bassists. We are transcending the globe with bassists coming together to support our cause and bass and sub-bass solo artist Yves Carbonne is the epitome of our reach. Yves is one of the top bassists in France and has made a name for himself worldwide. He is now here to support our cause in helping rally support and awareness for those in need. I have been chatting with Yves a good bit via email and he is a super cool individual with a great heart. Thanks Yves for helping us and by the way, Lane says your English is outstanding especially considering his French.

Support for LNFN goes International

Very cool news. French Extended range bass phenom Yves Carbonne joins the good fight along the other supporters on our roster to help raise awareness for the need in Nashville. Yves will be doing a PSA for us to help spread the word across the big pond. Thank you so much Yves for coming onboard. Music City thanks you.

It has been quite a day.