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Touching Base (or is that BASS?)

Roy Vogt signs a collector bass

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Roy Vogt signs one of the collectable basses that will be auctioned to raise money for flood relief.

Greetings from the Lane of All Things Low. I wanted to take a minute to just say hello and let y’all know I’m still alive and all.

I have been in major Decompression Mode since the NAMM show. As always, the lead-up to the show was pretty grueling, so I just needed to take a few days and recuperate. Now that’ I’ve slept a few times, I feel almost human again, which isn’t all that bad.

I want to thank everyone who attended the Low Notes For Nashville benefit concert. Everyone I spoke with was very positive, and very committed to the cause, and had a great time. From what I heard, the concert was a unanimous hit. Hats off to Sean for doing an excellent job as executive producer and making sure everything ran smoothly.

Lane Baldwin (AKA Lane on Bass) It’s also very important to acknowledge the folks who made sure things went well the day of the event. Mervin and his crew at Douglas Corner Cafe were outstanding! Now, we’re not just talking about the bartenders, here, although they were tops. Rick on sound was on top of his game, and extremely easy to work with. Mervin himself camped out in the audio control room, riding heard on our live multi-track recording all night long, and did a great job. David Crossman of The Learning Dock, LLC (parent company of Roy Vogt’s Teach Me Bass Guitar) and his three camera crew were amazingly invisible as they captured the event on video.

Then there’s Daryl Little, production manager and stage manager for the event. Daryl took care of all of the nagging details, like rewiring the NL-4 connectors to NL-2 so the basses didn’t sound like gnat farts. Long story; let’s save that for another day. For now, suffice to say that Daryl saved my sanity with that little trick, and probably also saved a stack of David Nordschow Amplification speaker cabinets, and a pile of Gallien-Kreuger amplifiers. Lane on Bass

Al Cocorochio, of highly regarded Black Rose Records, was kind enough to handle the merchandise table, all proceeds from which go to flood relief. (The artists didn’t even accept payment for CD manufacturing costs…they gave everything to the cause.) And Anna Henderson was kind enough to take photos all night long.

I’m sorry to say that I don’t yet have all the names of the stage hands who assisted, but I’m working on it and will definitely update this post to include them all, once I have ALL names. Likewise with the camera crew, as I want to acknowledge all of them at the same time.

As you can see, it took a rather large crew of volunteers to get the job done and make the even a success. And we appreciate each and every one of them for doing such an excellent job.

Sean and Lane Finally, a HUGE thank you to all of the wonderful musicians who donated their time and talent. Everyone was completely ego-less, and totally accommodating when we had to adjust the schedule to address a few last-minute changes. Every artist/band brought their own brand of awesomeness to the show, so you never got tired of any particular style of music. There really was something for everyone.

The concert certainly demonstrated the importance of community, of banding together as one to address difficult times. It showed that bassists, no matter the style, are all brothers and sisters, and that we understand the need to serve others. For all of that, I am incredibly grateful. And I’m honored to be a part of such a strong community, and such a wonderful organization.

In service of the groove,

Keep Thumpin’!

Lane on Bass

Jeff Berlin & Adam Nitti PSAs

It isn’t often you get to deliver a one-two punch as potent as this. So it gives me great pleasure to debut a pair of PSA videos from two top players and educators – Jeff Berlin and Adam Nitti.

Jeff is a close friend of Mick Donner’s, and was more than happy to be a part of our efforts. Adam is a close friend to Sean, and also a Nashville resident. Obviously, our project is something he can relate to.

Check out this great pair of PSAs:

Jeff Berlin


Adam Nitti

Remember, you are welcome to embed any of our PSAs into your web pages. You can also send a link to the PSA page, or to individual blog posts to your friends. Everyone who has offered a PSA did so in the hopes it would help spread the word and encourage others to contribute. So feel free to spread these far and wide, OK? And thanks!

In service of the groove,

Keep Thumpin’!

Lane on Bass

Mick Donner PSA

Mick finally had the chance to put the phone down long enough to record this excellent PSA video for the cause. Folks, this would be a REALLY good one to send around, because Mick is totally on target.

I’ve given Mick a new nickname: The Guy Who Can. Can what? you ask. Well, so far, pretty much anything I’ve asked him to help me do.

Like many bassists I know, Mick is very low-key about it all… says I give him too much credit, and all that. But I’m telling you, if you ever have to speak with the president on short notice, or want a good deal on a latest model Spatial Imaging Defrabumolator®, or need a live baby buffalo delivered to Oswego in an hour, you’ll have a far better chance of making it happen if you ask Mick for help.

I’m just sayin…

For all do, and for just how dang cool you are getting it done: Thanks, Mick!

In service of the groove,

Keep Thumpin’!

Lane on Bass

Welcome Lull and Epifani to the Fold

What a great way to end the week! I just had a wonderful call with Paul Schuster from Mike Lull to discuss their participation. I hang up the phone and read an email from Mick telling us that Epifani has joined the cause as well!

We’re thrilled to welcome both companies, and very much appreciate their support.

Nick Epifani is sending cabinets; I’ll have details later on that. Whatever he sends, we know they’ll sure get the job done for some players in need!

Mike Lull Custom BassesMike Lull is making a financial contribution. This is just as important as amassing gear to deliver to players in need. For instance, we have one brother whose studio is a total loss. He was able to get his gear out, but the walls, floor, electrical… all of that has to be removed, cleaned up, and replaced. So believe me when I tell you that monetary donations are a big deal, too!

So, all y’all (that’s plural) join me in a big Nashville welcome to Nick Epifani and Mike Lull! Make them feel at home, OK?

In service of the Groove…

Keep Thumpin’!

Lane on Bass

It’s Starting to Snowball

Things are really starting to heat up, and I’m loving it. I mean, today – just today – we had two string manufacturers join up – D’Addario and DR Strings; Planet Waves is in with straps tuners and string winder/cutters;  Full Contact Hardware came on board yesterday, before we started blogging every addition, so I want to give them their proper respect now. They’re sending several of their high-tech bridges for auction/raffle, or perhaps for use in a restoration.

Roland/Boss is sending amps and tuners. We’ve heard from many others, but we don’t want to box anyone in, just in case they change their mind. We’re not into arm-twisting when it’s our arm being yanked around, so we don’t want to do it to anyone else. When we have tracking numbers, we’ll announce what’s coming. Fair?

Then, we have the many players lending a hand – including Nashville resident Victor Wooten. Thrilled is putting it mildly. Very mildly. What really blows me away about this, is that Victor was doing a camp when the rains came. He and his guests ended up having to leave by boat! So, it’s not like the flood didn’t affect Victor, OK? And what’s his response? Why, he jumps on board to help all the other players affected by the flood.

John Montagna is a dear friend, and a wonderful person, not to mention a killer player and songwriter. John  just delivered a wonderful PSA video. (It’s the second one down.) He’s also donating download profits from three CDs.

OK, it’s more than half past Pumpkin O’clock, and I’ve got to be back at the desk at 7 in the Where’s My Coffee? Besides, I can barely get through two words in a row without my fingers getting dyslexic. I’m sure the 18+ hour day has nothing to do with it.

Sean and I will be back tomorrow with more updates. And don’t forget to keep tabs his Twitter stream, and my Twitter stream, for updates all day long. Oh, and have you “liked” our Fan Page? (I know; don’t get me started on that. Please hit the button, though, regardless of what it says, OK?) And don’t forget to tell all your friends.

As always, thank you very much for your support of our efforts. You’re the ones pulling the dollars out of your pockets and giving them to the cause, and the musicians we’re serving. You’re the ones helping us get the word out. If we all do what we can, we’ll get the job done. I mean, bass players always do.

Keep Thumpin’!

Lane on Bass

Here to Serve

A bass player’s role is to serve. We serve the music and the groove first and foremost.  It is our goal and also our obsession. Granted, we have our moments. Heck, we are musicians but there is something about the bass community that is different. If there has ever been any question in a bass player’s dedication to supporting others it will soon be eliminated. It is with a joyful heart that I announce the starting lineup of the legendary players along with professional studio and touring musicians that are dedicated to supporting the flood relief efforts in Nashville thus far. All of these bassists are supporting this cause and giving what they can with no want for financial return for themselves. These are people with majorly busy schedules either recording or touring that are being called to serve and making time for it. We will be combining our resources over the upcoming weeks to doing our part as a greater music community to get the great Music City of Nashville back on its feet. The numbers grow minute by minute and this short list was formed in just a few short days so please join us in our support. Now without sounding too cheesy your starting lineup for Low Notes for Nashville are:

  • Nathan East
  • Stuart Hamm
  • Jeff Berlin
  • Brian Bromberg
  • Phil Chen
  • Al Turner
  • Dave Pomeroy
  • Mark Egan
  • Oskar Cartaya
  • Polo Jones
  • Vail Johnson
  • Bill Dickens
  • Jauqo III-X
  • Michael J. Visceglia
  • Norm Stockton
  • Adam Nitti
  • Bryan Beller
  • Sean O’Bryan Smith
  • Lane on Bass
  • Roy Vogt
  • Doug Johns
  • Keith Horne
  • Malcolm Gold
  • TRAA Daniels
  • Dennis Michaels
  • Mick Donner
  • Rich Krainak
  • Steve Forrest
  • “Spydah” Barlow
  • Jay Turner
  • John Montagna

As bassists find out they are flocking to help. We are literally waiting on dozens of responses from nearly every living bass legend. Our bass community has always been built on a kinship that makes us what we are. Kinda fun seeing what can be done with it. We are here to help and to serve. Can you? Please give to Low Notes for Nashville so that we can help get Music City back to where it belongs. 100% of the proceeds go back into this great city. We are giving ourselves. Now it is your part.