The Nashville Flood

I heard thunder, saw the lightning,
the rain, it flowed for days…

Stormfront, ©2008, Lane Baldwin

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Have you ever lived through a major natural catastrophe? Ever watched your house descend into the lake growing in your subdivision? Ever watched your entire life wash away before your very eyes?

If not, it’s really hard to grasp the devastation Nashville suffered when the Cumberland crested at two and a half times flood level.

We’re not exaggerating. Official flood level for the Cumberland is twenty-two feet. It crested at fifty-seven feet, which we think is the highest its ever been in recorded history. (We’re checking this.)

The Low Notes crew knows dozens of musicians who have been affected by the flood. In the coming days, we’ll be passing along some of the personal stories, so you can better understand just how bad it is.

For now, here’s a gallery of photos, taken from the Internet, which will give you at least a little idea of what our brothers and sisters went through.

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  • Charles "Chas" T. White:

    Brothers & Sisters, As I am currently unemployed. My wife and I are trying to stretch our finances in ways we never imagined. So, at this time a prayer is all I have to offer. I do know as a Christian man… prayer is the most powerful thing we can do. So, consider it being done. Peace be with all of those in need, in and around the Nashville areas.A fellow Bassist, and member of the Anastasia Baptist Church. Located in St. Augustine, FL. Sincerely, Charles “Chas” T. White

  • SeanOBryanSmith:

    Thanks Chas and I am sure everyone here and in the Nashville area will most definitely accept a “donation” of prayer. GOD bless you sir.

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